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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do you have any showroom?
- No. We are an e-commerce platform.
2. Can I customize my eyeglass or sunglass with any complex power?
- Yes! Absolutely.
3. How can I provide my eye prescription power to you/ incase I lost my prescription?
- By uploading your prescription or directly providing your prescription details in our app.
4. If I do not know my prescription power then what is the procedure for adjusting power?
- We do not currently have any eye examiners to adjust power so you have to visit your medical practitioner before using our app for purchase of eyewear products.
5. Can I customize eyeglass lens?
-Yes! You can customize with anti-reflective lens, anti- blue light lens, photo sun lens or anti- fog lens. (All of them are UV 400 protective).
6. Is there available power contact lens with color or transparent lens?
- Yes! Please check our sub-section for contact lens.
7. Can I place my order from your Facebook page?
- No. Any sort of product purchase is only available through our app.
8. Is the 50% advance for customization eyeglass or sunglass mandatory?
-Yes. It's our policy to prevent fraud and forgery.
9. What kinds of the payment method do you accept?
-We accept both digital and cash on delivery. You’ll be prompted after you’ve made your product purchase and selection for desired payment method.
10. When do I receive my product after placing order?
- For non-customized products we generally take 1-2 days and for customized products, around 2-3 days.
11. Home delivery available?
- Only Dhaka city.
12. How do I get my order from outside Dhaka?
- By any courier service which is available in your place.
13. If it doesn’t like the product after receiving then what should i do?
- We offer a 7-day return policy. Terms and conditions apply*. Any damaged to product will cancel refund policy.
14. Do you provide any product warranty or guarantee?
- We provide a 6-month product guarantee.