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Return & Refund Policy

Amar Chosma - Return Policy


Amar Chosma offers a 7-day return policy to all its customers.

This duration can be increased by customers by logging into their account; calling Amar Chosma customer care or sending an email to with order details.


Return requests after getting the product: Customers are required to pack the entire product including packing material, invoice, all accessories and keep it ready for retrieval.

Retrieval request: Our QC team will verify if the product was used, tampered in any possible way and is in good condition for further sale. After initial assessment, if the product is deemed usable, all the items included have been sent back. In case the product is found damaged or in used condition or any accessory is missing, Amar Chosma reserves the right to deny refund to the customer.

In case of Eyeglasses/ Power Sunglasses, no return/refund will be accepted if wrong prescription values are entered at the time of order placement.

Under further observation and analysis if it is found that a user is placing multiple/bulk orders and is also returning the same; Amar Chosma reserves the right to charge a substantial return fee from the user.


Power Eyewear

There is no refund available for products related to power adjusted eyewear.

Contact Lenses:

  1. a) Contact lenses cannot be refunded if their packaging has been opened/tampered.
  2. b) In case the customer wish to return Contact Lenses, the lens box and the lenses themselves must be untouched and unopened.
  3. c) Return is only possible if the box and the lenses inside the box are still sealed and accessories, warranty/instruction papers are still intact.


Amar Chosma Refund Policy

Refund Cycle:

Complete refund process normally takes about 7-10 working days.

Category-Specific Additional Refund Guidelines

Power eyewear has a no refund policy.

In case of Eyeglasses/ Prescription Sunglasses, refund policy will be void if customer used the wrong values for power in the prescription tab.

Contact Lenses / Lens Cleaning Wipes

Return/Refund is only possible if the box packaging and the lenses/wipes inside the box are still sealed and any additional accessories, warranty/instruction papers are still intact.

Return/Refund policy will be void if:

1) The box packaging has been opened/ tampered.

2) The box and the elements inside the box (lenses/wipes) are opened.

3) The lenses/wipes inside are unused but the box is opened.